Tour 1 - Valsolda: Middle Ages and “The little world of the past”

The tour will begin in Oria, the first Italian village that to be built up in Valsolda, a tiny valley walled in by steep mountains plunging into the lake. You will then have a short walk along a flat cobble-paved mule path up to the house where Fogazzaro lived; this building was turned into a private museum to keep the memory of the novelist from Vicenza alive. Fogazzaro set his most famous and moving novel, “Piccolo Mondo Antico” (The Little World of the Past), by Lake Ceresio. It will be possible to visit the garden.
The second stop will be Castello, an evocative hamlet situated on a rocky field overhanging the valley “Valle del Soldo”. This village was once part of a region, the valley called Valsolda, where the Archibishops of Milan exercised their power and their sovereign rights during the Middle Ages. Here, San Carlo Borromeo ordered the demolition of an important stronghold, as it had been turned into a den of thieves. We suggest a visit to the ancient village characterized by narrow alleyways and to the San Martino church, where a precious fresco painted by Pagani is kept.
You will then reach Puria on foot, the village renowned as the place of birth of Pellegrino Tibaldi, the famous architect who worked for San Carlo Borromeo. Puria offers the opportunity of admiring the Santa Maria church. Our touristic route will bring you back to Oria, to go on to San Mamete descending on an old mule path. In the town centre you will notice the indelible marks of the medieval archiepiscopal power, represented by the escutcheons painted on one side of the church dedicated to the saints Mamete and Agapino, overlooking the village square and its typical arcades, as well as inside the palace, where the pretorian lived. The last stop will be Cressogno, where you will visit the sanctuary “della Caravina”, a place of prayer, a noteworthy building built at the end of the 16th century, renowned for its frescos by Isidoro Bianchi from Campione d’Italia, the major representative of the Counter-Reformation movement.
Escursioni proposte: In the heart of Valsolda
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