Tour 3 - Val Cavargna and S. Lucio: worlds apart

The tour will start in Cusino, the main thoroughfare towards the mountain pass San Lucio, in Val Cavargna, a valley with landscapes that could be defined as “worlds apart”, located in the middle of the Lepontine Alps. As a sign of this typical feature of the valley, Cusino is host to the church named after Saint John the Baptist. The inner walls of this building, are decorated with interesting frescos; among them, a thirteenth-century fresco representing S. Cristoforo, that was once placed outside the church for the purpose of protecting the wayfarers. The parish recreation centre “Sant’Ambrogio”, situated not far from the street downriver, probably dates back to the Roman age. Let us not forget that though the isolation process in this valley ended not much more than thirty years ago - the main road linking the major cities within the same region was built just at the beginning of the 50s -, it allowed to keep its people’s cultural heritage alive up to the present, thus generating professions and works as well as an unmistakable cultural identity. The second stop will be in San Bartolomeo Val Cavargna, situated in the middle of the homonymous valley, a “mosaic” village, like many others in the same area, encompassing six hamlets. We suggest a visit to the church dedicated to the patron saint of the town (13th century).
The tour will continue towards San Nazzaro, a town made up of eight hamlets located in an enchanting position at a height of about 1000 metres. Here we suggest a visit to the church named after the saints Nazzaro and Celso situated in the old mule path linking San Nazzaro and San Bartolomeo. Inside of it, three altars are to be found and, next to the church, the recreation centre “S. Giovanni Battista”. The tour will end in Cavargna, town situated at an altitude of 1071 metres, the highest in the provincial area of Como. The outline of the mountains Pizzo Gino, Cima delle Panchette and Monte Garzola rim the built-up area. Reaching the top of these mountains – all of them reach a height of more than 2000 metres - gives the opportunity of enjoying the view of the valley below.
Cavargna, a town which is not involved in the business activities and trade that characterize the valley, preserved some of the traits of the cultural life of these villages (a rural culture based on sheep-breeding), thanks to a museum (“Museo della Valle”) located in the parsonage next to the church, which we suggest to visit.

Alternative route
Trip to Val Rezzo, accessibile only from April to October, with a quick visit to Buggiolo and Corrido, to discover the medieval atmosphere of the town centre and to visit the church dedicated to the saints Materno e Martino, in a stunning panoramic area. Moreover, the path (roughly a two-hour walk) leading to the mountain pass San Lucio, old linking point between two valleys, Val Cavargna and Val Colla (Switzerland), starts right before reaching Buggiolo, in Dasio di Val Rezzo. Walking through this path, surrounded by a landscape of unequaled beauty, you will reach the recreation centre, dating back to the fourteenth century, dedicated to S. Lucio, a mild dairyman who lived in the Alps, who was there martyrized and thereafter chosen as the patron saint of shepherds and cheese makers. The inside walls of the building that you will have the chance to admire were frescoed during the 15th and 18th centuries.
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