Sciare in Valsassina

The Valsassina is also an ideal for those who love skiing. From Barzio it is possible to reach, by cableway, Piani di Bobbio (1.682 m.). The plain is well-equipped and from here start 16 ski slopes of different kind, for 35 km. There also are two crosscountry ski trail. Because of the extraordinary view, especially from the Alpi Grigne, this resort is one of the more spellbinding of the area. From Cremeno and Moggio it is possible to reach Piani di Artavaggio (1.609 m), once it was possible arrive here with a cableway that unfortunately is closed and it is unknown when it will be reopened.
Probably, the difficulty to reach this area makes of it the ideal place for the lovers of alpine skiing, far from overcrowded slopes. From Margno it is possible to reach Pian delle Betulle (1.456 m.) by cableway. Here in a well-equipped plain there are 7 ski slopes, for 12 km. From Casaro, in Alta Valsassina, it is possible to reach Alpe Paglio, a minor resort compared to the previous ones, but also here it is possible to ski. Alpe Paglio is also connected to Pain delle Betulle. To conclude this alpine skiing course in Valsassina it should be reminded that Alpe Giumello (1538 m), below Monte Muggio, is an extraordinary natural deck with a wonderful view.

Useful adresses

PIANI DI BOBBIO Cabinovie Barzio - Piani di Bobbio - tel. 0341.996101
Sci alpino / Sci di fondo

Margno - Pian delle Betulle - tel. 0341.840020
Sci alpino

tel. 0341.840256
Sci alpino

tel. 0341.840164
Sci alpino / Sci di fondo


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