Tour 2 - Porlezza and Carlazzo

Arrival in Porlezza, little town on Ceresio at the joining of different valleys, historically it was an important religious and fortified centre. Here it is an important artistical heritage of interesting medieval and baroque works, like the baroque parish church of San Vittore, built in the 5th century and completely rebuilt and decorated in the 16th century, it is rich in gold and stuccos and it has a beautiful wood-choir, made by Giuseppe Gaffuri from Como. Another example of the baroque art is the near church of S. Marta that once was seat of an important Confraternity.
Contrasting with these two churches there is the bareness and rigour of the oratory of San Maurizio (10th century), situated between the slopes of Monte Calbigaand the mouth of stream Cuccio. This aisleless building, together with a slender bell tower and a room of a later period, has been dug up and restored after that a landslide had almost buried it.
Then, the village of Cima, between the lake and the steep slopes of Monte Bronzone, has a suggestive medieval aspect. Here it is possible to visit the parish of the Purification of Maria, in which there are some frescos of Carlo Innocenzo Carloni (1773).
After Porlezza an interesting place to visit is the “castle of Carlazzo”, an ancient rural fortified village, built at the time of the ten-year-war between
Como and Milano (12th century). The ruins of the castle can be admired on the peninsula on the little lake Piano, where eventually it is possible to take a little walk along its shores. Continuing toward Carlazzo, a hamlet of Gottro. Through a little walk along the carriageable road that is slight downhill it is possible to reach the Romanesque church of San Giorgio, where there are precious frescos of the 15th century, furthermore important testimonies of the past are represented in the parish of Gottro, dedicated to S.Stefano and where there is a beautiful wood-choir. Then the rest of the day will be spent in a visit to the museum of milk and in a short walk through the small streets of the old village of Carlazzo.
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