Tour 15 - Dorsale Orobica Lecchese

The Orobie ridge in the Lecco area (Dorsale Orobica Lecchese, DOL) is composed of several mountain paths that permit the excursionist to visit fascinating places in the heart of Prealps and remaining in the Alps, in the heart of Lombardy but always in mountain. It is a proper paradise for excursionists that can choose to walk in a centuries-old wood or in a grass full of flowers, or to get a bird’s eye view of he high peak that surrounds the path. Anyway for those who do not want to walk, it also possible to admire the panorama and the colourful landscape and also to be surprised by some element that can be found along the path, like work and history signs.
The result is several paths with different cultural aspects that can be divided in three main topics:

• The historical paths: from Posallo to Premana and from Monterone to Passata.
• The paths of iron: from Premana to Rifugio Grassi, below the Pizzo dei Tre Signori.
• The paths of milk: from Rifugio Grassi to Monterone.

These division do not correspond to the daily excursions that obviously have to be more articulated. The total vertical ascent is of about 6.000 m. that corresponding to more than 80 km.
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