Tour 8 - From Gravedona to the Valle del Livo and Liro

Arrival at Gravedona, one of the most important place in the upper Lario due to historic and artistic reasons as, during the medieval period, it was the centre of the community of the Tre Pievi (Gravedona, Dongo and Sorico). Visit at the Holy area where there are the parish of S. Vincenzo with the crypt of Sant’Antonio Abate and one of the most important buildings of the Romanesque period in Como: S. Maria del Tiglio, built with the local marbles on the shore of the lake. It is a baptismal building of the XIIth century rebuilt on an existing building of the Vth century d.C. Inside there is a part of the mosaic flooring as well as one romanesque wooden crucifix. We suggest to walk on the lakeside and to visit the Palazzo Gallio, built for the cardinal Tolomeo Gallio’s will at the end of the XVIth century. This is a massive and imposing construction with four angular towers and embellished with three loggias laid upon the other, opposite the lake. Afterwards you visit the church of S. Maria delle Grazie, of the XVth century, which formerly was an Augustinian convent, one of the main examples of the renaissance period in the upper Lario.
Then you will arrive at the Valle di Livo characterised by the phenomenon of migration occurred between 1500 and 1700 especially towards Sicily, developing in this way new worships, such as that of S. Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo. Visit of the church of Peglio dedicated to S. Eusebio, made up of: church, porch, ossuary, parsonage and cemetery. Inside this church there are the precious frescos created between 1610 and 1625 by Giovanni Mauro della Rovere called Fiammenghino.
A brief walk in the ancient village of Livo were the houses have the same rural feature as in the past, followed by a short visit to the church of S. Giacomo of the XVIIth century. Finally we suggest a walk through the age-old chestnut woods to arrive at the ancient cemeterial church of Livo, S. Giacomo Vecchia, of the late XVth century, with an extraordinary cycle of devotional paintings of the XVIth century.
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