Tour 4 - Grandola and Breglia: Villas & Rogolone

Arrival at Grandola, a hamlet of Codogna, and visit of the church of SS. Siro and Margherita located in a beautiful panoramic position. There are also elegant villas such as Villa Camozzi, of the XVIIth century which now is the town hall. You continue with the visit of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi in the Cardano hamlet, built in the XVIIIth century and whose garden juts out on the Sanagra strea. It was restored in the XXth century and it suggests medieval atmospheres. Its garder is also a beautiful balcony on the Alpi Leopontine and on the Val Sanagra.
In the Velzo hamlet there is a three centuries-old oak in a wide meadow: its name is “Rogolone” and it is 25 m. high for a diameter of 8 m. It is one of the oldest oaks in Italy. According to tradition, under its fronds used to meet the men of the village in order to take important decisions for the community.
As an alternative, you can move from Grandola to Loveno, above Menaggio, a pleasant place in a beautiful panoramic position and full of villas and gardens. In the upper part of the village, near to the church of SS. Lorenzo and Agnese, there is Villa Vigoni surrounded by a wide English garden where you can admire fantastic views of the lake.
You continue to Breglia, an important leg along the primitive Via Regina, with the ruins of an ancient convent and a recently found late-Roman tomb. A short walk at a slight slope along a caracteristic via crucis leads to the sanctuary of Breglia, located in a beautiful panoramic position.
The excursion ends with another walk along a pleasant and easy level path leading to the chapel of S. Domenico with an extraordinary view of the lake.