Tour 12 - Bellano, Dervio and Piona: the Middle Age and Monastic Orders

Arrival at Bellano, situated at the end of the Valsassina and where a rocky ravine is the cradle for the falls of stream Piovena, which can be visited through bridges and stairs.
The parish of S.S. Nazareno and Celso, built in the middle of the 14th century in gothic style by Maestri Campionasi, is an interesting place to visit. Inside there are several paints of the 15th century and of the following period, a rich tresure adds value to it. In the same square there is the church of S.Marta, which has been recently restored, inside a wood group of statues realized in 1518 by Giovan Angelo del Maino. Along the shore of the lake toward north there is Dervio, that includes more historical villages: Castello: where it is still possible admire the ruins of the breached tower, what remains of the fortifications system of the medieval village; in the bell tower and apse of the church of S.S. Pietro and Paolo in Borgo and in the bell tower of the church of S.S. Quirino and Giulitta in Villa one can admire the Romanesque style.
Along the lake always toward north there is Corenno Plinio, a pitoresque medieval village which is at the foot of a castleenclosure of the 14th century. Near the castle there is the parish of S.Tommaso of Carterbury, inside one can admire medieval and Renaissance frescos while outside there are funerary sarcophaguses.
Then continuing north one can reach the Abbey of Piona, an ancient Clunian building, a piece of jewellery situated on the end of the peninsula Olgiasca, which is one of the most celebrated monuments of the lake. The abbey of S.Niccolò is part of a group of Clunian building that in the second half of the 11th century were responsible for the spread of the order in northern Italy. Visit to the church of the 11th century but particularly the beautiful cloister, built in 1252 in a style which lies between the Romanesque and the Gothic, here some frescos of the end of the 12th century and of the early 13th century can be admired.
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