Gal dei due- Il territorio
Even though it is inserted into a territory that is completely distant from chaotic traffic, the area of G.A.L. of the Two Lakes is extraordinary close to the main routes between the north of Italy and the Alps. We can reach the Lake of Como from Milan and from the other big cities of the Po valley, through comfortable expressways, passing from the main cities Como and Lecco. Again from south, we can reach the lake by train (alongside the Lecco bank) or by using the widespread service of boats dealt by the Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi. From west and the Ticino canton, going towards Lugano, we arrive at G.A.L. territory in a few minutes, passing through the Ceresio bank. Today, from the mountain pass of Spluga, Maloja and Valtellina, the Lake of Como is, as it was centuries ago, the door to Italy at the foot of the historical Alp ways. The intercontinental airport of Milan Malpensa is at some tens of kilometers and offers a shuttle service towards our territory.

Some data:
From the city of Milan: 70 km. By car 50 min, by train 1 hour, by helicopter 10 min
From the Airport of Milan Malpensa: 70 km. By car 1 hour, by bus 1 hour, by helicopter 10 min
From Lugano: 6 km. By car 5 min, by bus 10 min, by helicopter 8 min from Agno airport

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